How you focus your mind determines everything.

Focus is about how you wake up and pay attention to your life. Focus is your ability to understand how your thoughts, emotions and actions work together to support your strengths, your happiness, your freedom to be creative and express yourself as an individual. I discovered that the most successful and fulfilled people in the world think differently. About what ‘wealth’ is, how they value their time, their relationships, their values, their LIFE. This all begins with focus and intention.

Real focus requires you to pay attention to how you think every second of everyday. Through relentless research, plenty of world-class education, resilience training, and ongoing creative refinement, I’ve created a focus formula that has helped me find clarity of mind – even in the most challenging and stressful times.

And that’s what I want to share with you.


Hello, my name is Ebony Barber and I live in sunny Australia! I spent the last 4 years learning from some incredible people about the power of the mind. Now, I want to help you to focus your mind so you can create an incredible life too. One you have a calm and focused mind you’ll see how easy it is to stay motivated and find the energy to master any goal that matters to you.


You musn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter darling.


What is Clarity Class?

Clarity Class – Mindfulness Bootcamp is a 5 week online, video-based training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to think clearly under pressure.

From being clear, consistent and intentional, to the importance of listening to yourself no matter what. Focus is the key to making your life what you want to feel and experience each day.

This program covers areas of mindfulness, productivity, goal setting, and following through. It’s a digital e-course you can access from your smart phone or laptop (and in the comfort of your own time and space).


But — it’s also more than that.

What sets Clarity Class apart is that it takes a you-focused, integrated approach, combining practical strategies AND creative wisdom that makes all the difference to how you LIVE.

Once you complete each focus exercise, new content will appear within your members area each week. And the best part is, you can now re-focus your mind anywhere with ‘on the go’ content to access wherever you happen to be in this amazing world, whether that’s Brisbane, London, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai or Bali.

This course features a well designed mind-clarity program:

Online mind nourishing audios and screencast videos

Focus Binaural Beat Meditation Tracks

Personal Performance Tracker

PDF workbook content and worksheets

Bonus! Graduation Visual Inspiration Boards




You’ll learn:

How your breathing style can release anxiety and help you concentrate (Bonus! Binaural beat meditation tracks)

What the difference between ‘hearing’ and ‘active listening is’ to help you focus with clear intention

How to successfully complete a Digital Detox to live a calmer, more productive and abundant life




You’ll uncover:

How to prioritize your to-do list without feeling overwhelmed

The most intelligent way to make great decisions in your life

How to set specific goals that will help you achieve more in life (Bonus! Goal setting e-planner)

The key to understanding how your goals fit into your life purpose



We’ll dig deep to:

Determine the difference between ‘Healthy’ and ‘Headless’ Habits

Identify your biggest distractions (and solutions to resist temptation)

Understand how ‘Single Pointed Focus’ can change your life



You’ll uncover:

Your true relationship with time and how this affects your level of happiness

How to identify your peak productivity time through the science of The Body Clock 

 How to boost your daily energy without sugar, coffee or RedBull

How to apply the ’80/20 Rule’ to your life

The power of leveraged thinking and how to get results faster



We’ll dig deep to:

How the people in your social network can significantly alter your happiness

The true importance of social influence on your self belief, career choices and creative freedom 

How to identify and expand the most positive influence in both your online and offline networks

PLUS! Bonus Inspiration Pack Including:

15 x Designer Diamond Life Visual Inspiration Boards (PDF Prints)

Clarity Class Graduation Certificate

Focus Manifesto


It would be an honour to welcome you to
the Clarity Class community,
and support you in making those
creative dreams of yours a reality.

To your true focus,

Ebony xoEbony_Signature





Is Clarity Class right for you?

Have you reached a point where you’re sick of struggling with your ability to follow through?

Are you sick of losing motivation pretty much straightaway in all that you do?

Is it time for massive change? Are you ready to find easier and smarter ways to live?

Do you still feel pretty confused about your future and want to feel confident about the direction of your life?

Do you know you need to stop feeling so anxious all the time, but don’t know what to do?


Clarity Class is a 5 week course and covers everything about how to focus and think sharper. I will show you exactly what you need to do to go from being unsure and unclear of your life to discovering a way to live an absolutely amazing, content and happy life (without stress and burnout).

This program will teach you lessons that will stay with you for life: it’s just the start of seeing how smart, creative and expressive you really are and what you can achieve when you learn how to focus your mind.

It is the first step towards living your life on-purpose.


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Say Hello to More Focus, More Energy, More Life.


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